Chasing email

A letter to use if you have not received a response to your complaint.

Before sending this email you should look at the company’s complaints procedure and find out when it requires the organisation to send you their response to your complaint. You should also try and find out what other steps they are required to take, for example, acknowledge they received your complaint and send you a reference number.

Download this template letter as a Word document: Chasing email 

To: Name of the company which provides a service
Also by email

From: Your name
Your address
Your phone


Dear [Company’s name]

Re: Complaint about disability discrimination, reference number [include a reference number if you have been given one]

On X date [insert a date here] I sent you a complaint letter about discrimination I experienced when accessing your service.

My letter required a response within 21 days. It is now X days [insert how many days have passed since you sent the letter] since I sent my complaint.

You complaint procedure requires you to respond to complaints within X days [look at the complaints procedure]

I look forward to receiving your response as soon as possible and within next 7 days at the latest.

Yours sincerely

[Your name]

See my original complaint letter attached [include a copy of your original letter or an email]