Call for cases

Inclusion London is looking for Disabled people who have experienced discrimination and want to challenge this legally.

Our Disability Justice Project is looking at how we could challenge Disability Discrimination in a strategic way. We are looking for potential discrimination cases we could support.  If you have come across cases where Disabled people have experienced discrimination when accessing goods and services or where government departments or local authorities failed to make reasonable adjustments for a Disabled person and those instances happened in the last few months, please get in touch with Svetlana Kotova –

If the case has a strategic importance, we will aim to support it through a legal challenge.

Here are some examples of situations we are looking for:

Access to goods and services

  • Government departments, such as the DWP, local authorities, the NHS or private service providers, such as banks or utility companies not providing information in accessible formats or not communicating with you in accessible way;
  • Difficulties when using public transport: poor quality of assistance, buses not stopping or failing to take you on board, people missing stops because audio-visual announcements not working for example;
  • Difficulties accessing local premises, especially if they are parts of large high street chains;
  • Difficulties using services, especially when this is because a company is operating rigid policies.  Having to activate your card in a cash machine for example.

We are also interested in hearing about discrimination in benefits cases, especially benefits sanctions cases.  Examples include:

  • People with learning difficulties not given information in an accessible format. In particular we are interested to hear about Universal Credit claimants having to sign a claimant commitment without fully understanding what it means;
  • Disabled people being sanctioned for not acting upon letters, which were not in accessible format;
  • Disabled people required to take part in work related activities, such as training courses which are not accessible and are refusing to make reasonable adjustments;
  • Disabled people experiencing unduly harsh and unrealistic conditionality, when Job Coaches fail to consider and adjust those requirements to reflect the difficulties person might have because of their disability.

Our colleagues at the Public Law Project may be able to offer advice and legal representation for such cases.

If you think you have a case we could look at, please get in touch as soon as possible, as time limits for legal challenge are very short.